Working one-on-one with an instructional coach improves teaching and learning, and lowers the attrition rate.

There's just no substitute for a dedicated, trusted expert working alongside you to help you master your craft. That's where we come in. Shared Space PD Coaches are content and pedagogy experts at the top of their fields. We can work to help you become the teacher you strive to be, in person or virtually, through a continuous improvement cycle of plan, do, study, act.


Read more about each stage of teacher coaching:

  • Observe instruction and students' needs to determine appropriate coaching target(s)

  • Co-plan/ set goals during planning time

  • Provide clear, actionable feedback with instructions for implementation

  • Offer lesson plan review and feedback

  • Observe implementation of teaching strategy during lesson delivery and offer feedback

  • Set next steps together

  • Gather teacher and student
    evidence including: the impact on student
    engagement, student learning measured by assessments, similarities and differences in how teachers
    are implementing instructional changes, and how student performance is impacted as a result

  • Refine the instructional change/ practice

  • Determine how the instructional strategy could be used in different contexts to deepen student learning