School Leaders

We help you give your faculty the confidence they need to do the job right.

Leading teachers is more than just evaluating instruction. It's inspiring success, it's mentoring, it's feeling confident that the needs of all students are met. It's offering the kind of support, resources and opportunities for growth that keep teachers in their jobs. We can help with all of that and more. ​

We offer leadership workshops, ongoing coaching support and mentoring opportunities that will help save time, build a culture of growth and opportunity, and ensure the needs of all students are met in every lesson, in every classroom, every day.

The SSPD Institute for School Leaders

In this dynamic and comprehensive four-day workshop, we walk through the systems and structures that content, department, and building leaders can use to lead from a growth mindset and model expectations for teacher and student success. 

Coaching Support for Teachers

Shared Space coaches are experts in their fields and in research-based, experiential pedagogy. We guide teachers through the Continuous Improvement Cycle (plan, do, study, act) for deep reflection on teaching and learning that leads to student success.

Kate Girerd, Department Chair

Shared Space Teaching is the framework for best practice and coaching in my department. Our program's consistency and commitment to excellence in planning and delivery of instruction is at an all-time high as a result

Eugene Mazzola, Principal

Shared Space PD has been a trusted resource in my building since 2012. Their leadership retreat was a game-changer for our instructional cabinet. Most importantly, the coaches at SSPD are accessible and have always been a phone call or email away to act as thought partners or advisors, or even help fill key positions on my staff

Brian Kaplan, Science Dept. Chair (6-12)

Working with the Shared Space team really helped us frame our professional development plan. They created an environment where free flowing ideas culminated into a well organized and effective plan that will really help our teachers grow as professionals