Preservice & Years 1-3


We help you get the job you've always dreamed of...and keep it that way.


Everyone at Shared Space PD has gone through the certification process and has survived our first three years of teaching (and way beyond). The point is, we've been there - and we're still right there with you.


We offer teachers from preservice through three years an induction program with the lesson planning resources, coaching support and mentoring opportunities you need to successfully enter and stay in your classroom.

Our three-part induction program helps novice teachers make expert instructional decisions. 

The SST Institute

Endorsed by SUNY Stony Brook and accredited as a 3-credit graduate course, as well as NYS CTLE certified for 28 credit hours, our Institute is an immersive learning experience that will front-load high-level training and expertise for preservice and new teachers.

Coaching Experiences

One of our expert coaches will guide teachers through a cycle of "Plan, Do, Study, Act," around an improvement goal, either in-person or online through our private, secure coaching platform.

Mentoring Opportunities

We value the guidance and support experienced teachers have to offer preservice and beginning teachers. We have created a community of teachers around the idea that we can help each other find significance, belonging, and fun.

Preservice? See how Mosaic can help you master the edTPA.