Years 3+ Teachers

We help you take your practice to the next level as an emerging teacher-leader.

After the first few years of teaching, it's a different ballgame. An experienced teacher has a different kind of clarity about their role in students' learning that has helped them to develop a unique voice, to take risks in instruction that lead to more success, and that will likely lead to mentorship opportunities. 

We offer experienced teachers workshops, ongoing coaching support and mentoring opportunities so that teachers can emerge as leaders.

Learn to Lead

We help foster growth in experienced teachers, inspiring them to accomplish more in their practice and to emerge as leaders.

The SST Institute

Attend our 28-hour course three ways:

1. At one of our locations in NY, FL, and TX

2. At your location for private groups of 20+

3. Online through on-demand course modules


One of our expert coaches will guide teachers through a cycle of "Plan, Do, Study Act," around an improvement goal, either in-person or online through our private, secure coaching platform.

Mentoring Opportunities

We value the guidance and support experienced teachers have to offer preservice and beginning teachers. We have created a community of teachers around the idea that we can help each other find significance, belonging and fun.